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Learn more about House Dust Mites

Z-Net Active Allergy Control.

FDA Approved.

Guaranteed total elimination for 2 years (to eliminate one of the major causes of Asthma & Eczema)

  • Scientifically proven
  • The only product in the world guaranteed to 100% eliminate mites
  • Safe for all, including pregnant mothers and babies
  • A soft net: odourless; unseen; unfelt

At last you can eliminate the major indoor cause of Asthma & Eczema. 100% elimination of House Dust Mites from your mattress within 10 weeks.

  • Medical research shows that allergens in dust mites' droppings are the primary indoor cause of asthma and eczema attacks.
  • House dust mites' allergens are one of the key sensitization factors in initial development of allergies.
  • The majority of house dust mites in the home live in bedding materials such as mattress and pillows.

A recent study shows that 56 countries around the world, house dust mites contributes the single most important factor for the development of atopic diseases. It is mostly present in most areas of the home and are more associated with mattresses and bedding.


The Solution - Z-Net Covers
Specially manufactured bedding covers impregnated with Permethrin.

  • Kill 100% house dust mites in bedding for 2 years.
  • Easy to use - no repeated applications, unlike sprays and powders.
  • Comfortable - soft, white and completely odourless.
  • Safe for humans and animals.
Protect against night time allergic attacks. Fewer restless nights! Wake up in better shape!
  To date, the most significant breakthrough in house dust mite allergen avoidance has been the development of semi-impermeable encasings (permeable to air and water vapour but not to mites or allergen). This is where Z-Net comes in by enabling a covers to stop mites and allergen.  

The major diseases caused by House Dust Mites:


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