Soma Medical Sdn Bhd have more than a decade of experience in developing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) infection-control solution protocols.

We aim to create awareness and promote the prevention and control of infections associated with healthcare, based on the basic principle of hygiene. As such, our products are developed to improve the quality of health and life.

Soma Medical’s unique technology offers support to mitigate bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi and viruses in air, surface, and water environments, thus controlling infections like Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii (CRAB), Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), and Norovirus.

This technology – advocated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency, USA (EPA) and employed in our core products – involves Ultra Violet-C (UV-C) light, nano titanium dioxide, active carbon, negative ions, and High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, all working in unison.

Consultancy services are available for customers to transform their processes and procedures to address the threat of superbugs. Our sterilization and decontamination philosophy focuses on basic cleaning, involving both the mechanical removal of pathogens and dissolution of bio-film using minimal levels of detergent and disinfectant.

The Soma Group team comprises experienced infection control consultants who assist healthcare professionals to protect patients and themselves from infection in a credible and cost-efficient manner.


Elaraf Guma Otman Eltayeb
Director, Soma Medical Sdn Bhd

PhD in health care (2003) – U.S.A.
Stent fixing in heart surgery – Cairo (1993)
Leadership development program (Monitor Group) – (2007)
Barts & London School of Medicine & Dentistry – (Medicine, Science & Law) – Master Credit (2008)
Multidimensional Leadership – Canada Global Center (2012)
Practical Skills of Modern Management – Gulf Innovations (2012)
Oxoid U.K. as business consultant (1989 – 2005)
Biotest (Germany) as business consultant (1990 – 2007)
General Manager of Al-Raed Pharma

Mr Leonard John D’Cruz
M.D., Soma Medical Sdn Bhd

2005 - Present: Managing Director, Soma Medical Sdn. Bhd.
Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) by Indoor Sciences, Inc. since 2011
Civil Engineer (Dip.) since 1988.

Datuk Dr M Shimi
International Marketing Director
Soma Medical Sdn. Bhd.

40 years experience in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Director and shareholder of various healthcare companies:
Primetime Supplier Sdn Bhd, AMPVI Pharma Vietnam, Healol Pharmaceuticals, Microlabs Pte Ltd. and more.

Affliation with Malaysian Business Chamber Vietnam, Vietnam Women Entrepreneur, Australian Business Chamber (Vietnam), Indian Business Chamber (Vietnam), Hong Kong Business Chamber (Vietnam) and more.

Mr.Dermott Anthony Reilly
CEO, Nanoland Global

Mr. Dermott Reilly is passionate about nanotechnology, it’s effective use and value in enabling safer healthcare and food processing environments. Dermott was instrumental in bringing the GS1 Barcode Standard into the UK NHS,( for enhanced patient safety); is subject matter expert on nanotechnology coatings and is relentless in both recognizing and fast-tracking award winning technology for the benefit and safety of industry, NHS and Society generally. Key Strengths: A highly energetic, creative & strategic business person; team player with a passion for International Sales & Business Development / Innovation, Emerging Technology, Sustainability, The Environment and Business Best Practice.

Career History:
Aug 2006-Present: Created NLG, ( a global portal to sell nanotechnology products and services internationally. Created 31 NanoLand Country Partners to sell technology solutions from over 1000 Nanolabs.. Currently working on nanotechnology dental solution for large US dental company. RFID Samurai October 2002 to August 2007: (Specialised marketing and export services for business, as French Dining School, Appshare, Fragrances of Ireland, CREMe software food & health, Principal Flavours UK, RFID4U USA, Do Stone.

Brought together the strategic resellers and partners to insure sales success outside America for RFID4U. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification in supply chain). Creative inspiration behind launch of London’s Discovery Lab for Newham College and Olympic Village.

Dr Yogesh Sharma
Director, IAQ Dental Consultant

Dr Yogesh Sharma is part of Soma Medical Research and Development team, who have engineered new methods and devices that follows the CDC guidelines to help decontaminate the air in a closed environment. He has pioneered and endorsed many dental clinics to use Soma Technology to enhance the infection control protocol on a daily basis and has helped create awareness the importance of Indoor Air Quality in a working environment among dentists and all other healthcare workers around the world.

Jay Mohan P M
Executive Director

He is a serial entrepreneur. He has qualifications in Computer Science and post graduate MBA from Australia. He has business interests in Health Care, Design Engineering, Robotics in medical therapy and advanced software technologies. He has been the executive Director of Soma Medical since 2008. He has been responsible for launching Soma Medical India and he undertook the largest single  Soma Medical Protocol implementation project for 110 Hospitals including Medical Colleges & General Hospitals for Tamil Nadu Government in India.

Dr Nilesh Rajendran
Director, Sales and Marketing

- Director of Empro Oils Sdn Bhd
- Klinic Kumar Group (Wound care and Aesthetic division)
- Soma Group's I.A.Q Consultant

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