• Ceiling UVGI System:
    • Deluxe intelligent ceiling UVGI system
    • 3 pieces of 40 watts UVC quartz lamps
    • Working at 136 μw/cm2 intensity @ 1 meter
    • LED indicates the working status of each
      UVC lamps
    • Easy operation

  • Disease Protection - Protects us from any airborn microorganisms such as bacteria, germs, viruses, molds, pollen etc by destroying the DNA’s structure of microorganisms.
  • Eliminate Odors - It kills pathogens, germs, bacteria and molds that causes bad smell
    and makes the air in your rooms smell fresh and clean while producing ZERO ozone.
  • Control Disease - It helps stop the spread of disease and sicknesses for example Influenza, Tuberculosis, Allergies, etc. These include pathogens, disease causing viruses, fungi (mold) and bacteria.



icu 100

  • Designation of product: IAQA Infection Control Unit
  • Model: ICU 100
  • Customized as per client's requirement
  • Input voltage AC220V±15% (187V~253V) ; 50Hz±10% (45 Hz~55 Hz)
  • Operating power: 200 W
  • Purification efficiency: 96.2% (test condition) 85.3% (actual measured condition)
  • Sterilization efficiency: 99.90%
  • Dust removal efficiency: 95%
  • Product description:
  • Installation location: ceiling mounted
  • Product size: 2600*420*320 mm Weight: 45 kg
  • UVC: 80 watts X 4 pieces working @ 60,000 microwatts intensity each
  • Air-blow volume: 500 m3 /hour
  • Coverage Area: 1,200 ft2

  • Features:
    Multi-purification and sterilization system
    High efficiency aluminum filter size 38.5 cm x 40 cm filtrating E6 + 4R6AL filtrating
    efficiency L5 ASHRAE 52.2-1999. Rated MERV 16 and coated with SM Nano 1152
    TiO2 solution
    254 Nm UVC (4 pieces 80watts working at 253.7 nanometers)
    LED display
    Remote control
    Bi-polar electrostatic precipitation and negative ion generation @ 9 million ions per cm3

  • Application:
    Hospital, hotel, office building, schools, shopping mall, supermarket, etc.


icu 200
  • Model: ICU 200
  • Power: AC220-230V,50Hz
  • Negative ion: 1.2 x 10 ions/cm
  • Filters: Prepositive Filter Screen + HEPA MERV
    17 + Titanium Dioxide TiO2 Photo Catalyst
    (6 units of filters)
  • LCD full screen display
  • Static Plasma Electric field intensity: 6800V/m,
    3-stage electrostatic field
  • Anti-bacteria rate: ≥ 90%
  • Purification rate: ≥ 80%
  • Airflow rate: ≥ 600m /H
  • Noise: ≤ 50dB
  • Purification lifetime: ≥ 10,000 hours
  • Effective sterilizing time: 60 minutes
  • Efficient area: 40-50 m2
  • Product dimensions: 480 x 350 x 955 mm
  • UV intensity: 24,000 µw/cm x 2 units UVC
    lamps in the 253.7nm wavelength
  • Bulb lifespan: 12,000 operational hours
  • Failure indication is displayed one by one
  • Remote control or manual


  • Absolute dynamic sterilizing/cleaning equipment, used to disinfect continuously and dynamically (even in the presence of people) with no side effects.
  • Patent technology of combined electrostatic field for effective sterilization and dust removal. Convenient to clean and maintain.
  • Physical degradation materials for high efficiency filtration and absorption; functions as dust, bacteria and peculiar smell remover.
  • High efficiency anion generating device – air is fresh and demic metabolism is improved.
  • The unit has a special purification fan with large air flow rate and low noise; the circulation air volume is more than 600 m /H
  • The unit comes with more than two bactericidal factors together with germicidal agent, automatic failure detector and
    warning function.
  • Comes with indicator to promptly highlight the life span of the UVC lamps and filters leaning/replacement.
  • Three working modes: automatic, timer and manual.